devon rex, kocięta devon rex, hodowla

We are happy to announce that on 25th of October 2013, our girl *PL Agubamka ILYAN gave birth to five beautiful babies. Two girls nad three boys. The proud father is our boy *PL Agubamka HATSU. If you want one of our babies, please contact us.

Matka: PL* Agubamka ILYAN
DRX n 09
Ojciec: PL* Agubamka HATSU
DRX n 09


devon rex devon rex devon rex

DRX n 09, black with white
female - available

devon rex devon rex devon rex

DRX n 09, black with white
male - option

devon rex devon rex devon rex

DRX n 09, black with white
male - reserved

devon rex devon rex devon rex

DRX n 09, black with white
male - available

devon rex devon rex devon rex

DRX n, black
female - available

Available - you are free to reserve a kitten.
Option - someone is interested but still observe a kitten and haven't decided yet. You can contact us.
Reserved - deposit is payed.
Unavailable - kitten is not for sale now.

If you are interested in getting a kitten from our cattery, please read the information below.

. Kittens born in our cattery are exceptional members of our family, they participate in our daily live . We care for our kittens and they are in excellent physical and mental condition. Kittens are born in our bedroom and from the first moments of their life are under our tender care. We put a lot of heart and work into their upbringing and development, therefore it is the most important for us to find them loving and responsible homes. We would like to stay in touch with new owners of our kittens.

. We prefer to sell our kittens as beloved pets and show cats, sometimes only for breeding;
. Kittens are ready to move into the new homes after 16 weeks . This is the age they are fully socialized, house trained and sufficiently independent to be able to leave with their new family;
. Kittens leaving our home have got the health books and are de-wormed several times, vaccinated twice. All kittens have got a health guarantee, our cattery is free from FeLV, FIV;
. Kittens which are not for breeding are given away after early spayed/neutered. Kittens for breeding have additionally marked their blood group and have a passport;
. All kittens leaving our cattery are registered in FIFe and have FIFe pedigree.

We sign an agreement which new owners to protect our kitten's future. Kittens leave our cattery with the layette, something familiar from the childhood, which will remind them home. This should make it easier to acclimatize them to their new home. This may be a blanket or a toy. Each kitten receives the packet of favorite food and you'll be said exactly how to feed and how to look after with the litle baby. We are responsible breeders and we love our kittens, therefore we care about their future lives. That's why all the kittens from our cattery receive our support throughout theirs whole life. If you have any questions or doubts don't hesitate to contact us. We are always at your disposal and we willingly will answer to all your questions.

Before deciding to share your life with a cat you should consider:

Are you able to afford equitable conditions throughout their life?
. The price of the kitten is not the only cost associated with the purchase. This is just the beginning of the expenditure. Food, litter, toys, veterinary care - these are the costs for which you have to be prepared. Devon Rex becomes attached very strongly to the owners. That's why we are very concerned that first home of our kittens, will be also the last one.

Can you devote the time?
. Kitten will require attention and interest, they can not spend all days alone in the house. If you spend a lot of time outside the house you wouldn't be able to provide companionship. Give him another friend. Preferably another cat. Your cat will have company when you won't be at home.

Are you able to take sufficient care of the cat?
. Secured windows and balconies are necessary. It is not true that the cat always falls on their feet. Kitten raised at home can not cope in the big world, so the cat can not come out without supervision.

Does anyone of your family dislike cats or has allergic?
. Living in the house, where the cat is unwelcome by any of the household members will be troublesome and will expose the cat to unnecessary stress.

Remember, the cat will be your companion for many years, will require care and first of all, a lot of attention and affection. In return you will get a true friendship, boundless love and devotion.

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