devon rex, kocięta devon rex, hodowla
Devon Rex cat is unique in every way. Impresses with unbelievable beauty and a fantastic character. Beautiful, proportionate and muscular body of Devon is a masterpiece of nature and makes you admire him for hours. His short muzzle with well-marked alloy, strong cheek bones, flat head, distinct and full of expression eyes together with great low-set ears give him the appearance of beings from another planet. Devon Rex is wonderful to touch. This is thanks to an amazing hair that is silky, soft and curled, arranged in waves. The problem of moult with Devon doesn't exist that is why there is less risk of causing allergies among people who are allergic to the cat fur. However it is not true that this is an anti-allergic cat. The best way to find out weather Devon causes allergy is to visit cattery to see how you react.

Devon Rex is very intelligent and very quickly learns the rules prevailing at home. You can also teach him various tricks, like fetching paper balls, which they love to play with. This is energetic, sociable cat who demands attention and much love. His inquisitive nature makes him immediately appear in a place where something is going on. This is cat which likes to talk with his man or a fly that has just come into the apartment. You can't be bored with this cat. His ingenuity and sometimes innocent childish behavior bring great entertainment to the whole family. Devon Rex cat is naturally balanced and very patient, without a shadow of aggression. Therefore, he is the perfect companion for children. Devon Rex is a cat which is very attached to his man. He welcomes you at the door, wagging his tail like a dog. That is why, it is often said that Devon is a dog in cats body. Devon is the world champion in purring, just take him up and he immediately begins to purr wonderfully.

Rex Devon perfectly interacts with other animals but the man is always first in his heart. He'll use every opportunity to snuggle up in your arms and jump up on your knees asking for portions of a well-deserved attention. If you want to live with a feline friend which will be looking up at you, listening to you, but will also like to tell his stories. You will be greeted at the door when you get back from work by wagging its tail. The choice is simple. Devon Rex is a cat for you! He won't be lying all day long in the chair but will accompany you in everyday activity, starting from reading newspapers through washing dishes ending at minor repairs. Believe me that from the day when you start living with Devon your life will change, for better of course. I assure you that you will be smiling more often:-) The choice of breed was mindful, thoughtful and ... to the point for me. Devon Rex fully meets my expectations for feline companion. The effect of this is my total dependence on these wonderful creatures.

devon rex, kocięta devon rex, hodowla

General Size Medium
Head Shape Short wedge. Forehead curving back to a flat skull.
Forehead Rounded
Cheeks Very promonent cheek bones, full cheeks.
Nose Very short with the rounded forehead giving the impression of a stop.
Muzzle/chin Short muzzle with a strong chin and "whiskers break"
Whiskers/eyebrows Crinkled, rather coarse and of a medium lenght
Ears Shape Very large, very wide at the base tapering to rounded tips. Well covered with fine hair; wit or witout hair growing from a crease behind the ears to form ear muff.
Placement Set very low
Eyes Shape Large, oval in shape, set well apart; sloping towards the outer edges of the ears
Colour Bright; pure and clear in colour.
Neck Long and slender
Body Structure Of medium lenght, hard and muscular, slender. Borad chest.
Legs Long and slender. Lenght of hind legs emphasized. Front legs set on the body so as to give a slightly bandy look.
Paws Small and oval
Tail Long, fine and tapering; well covered with short hair
Coat Structure/td> Very short and fine; soft wavy and/or curly with or without guard hair.
Colour All colour variettes and patterns are recognized, including those with white. Any amount of white is permitted.
Remarks Many devon rex have the underpants covered only with down; complete covering with hair is preferable.
Faults Head - narrow, long, oriental type
- broad british type
Ears - small ears
- high set ears
Body - cobby
- lack of firm muscles
Tail - short tail
- bare or bushy tail
Coat - straight hair
- shaggy hair
- bare patches are permitted in kittens, in adults a fault
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