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Welcome to my website devoted to wonderful Devon Rex Agubamka * PL cats.

I live together with my family in a small village Międzyrzecze. It is located in the Upper Silesia (south of Poland). My adventure with cats has started a few years ago when I saw a cat with wavy fur, beautiful expressive eyes and huge ears on one of the websites. It was a Cornish Rex. When I was visiting other websites, in order to get to know these cats, I came across the Devon Rex, which resembled a creature from another planet.

I was very intrigued by the beauty and the character of both races. Trips to the exhibitions and the opportunity to contact directly with these beautiful cats and also the conversations with breeders have created a dream of living with representatives of both races together. At least the dream was realized and we got a lovely Cornish Rex kitten Agnes Atma * PL and several months later adorable Devon Rex girl Bam Bam Maragatta * PL also appeared in our life. Since then our life has changed dramatically. Despite the fact that the characters of both breeds Devon Rex and Cornish Rex are very similar, the Devon Rex was the one which caused a special feelings.

Devons really hit me with their unearthly appearance, undulating, very soft fur and a fantastic, energetic and joyful temper. Devon Rex, like no other cat, attaches to the owner loving him endlessly.

So this way I came to my cattery, which is my great passion, allows me to associate with these remarkable cats, watch and learn about them. My cats are part of my family and participate in our daily life. Every morning we are awaken being positively tuned for the whole day and at night we fall asleep by their amazing purr. Devons have taken a special place in our hearts and we can not imagine our home without these wonderful friends. The main purpose of my cattery is a very happy, healthy, well socialized, excellent in type Devon Rex cat. Agubamka *PL Cattery belongs to a Cat Club Łódź and is registered in Felis Polonia, which is a member of the FIFe Federation International Feline.

Radoslaw Kuczek

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